All activities of LiYA USA are funded & supported by our dedicated patrons.

In ancient times, knowledge was not a commodity that would be sold in the market. It was considered as a great divine gift and was offered free. The people who offered knowledge – Gurus – were considered as important pillars of the society. Gurus were not at the mercy of consumers of knowledge but they were given Rajashraya (Patronage by the kings). Because of this they could maintain the purity of the knowledge.

Today, when kings and kingdoms have been abolished, knowledge has become a business. And as a result the purity of knowledge is compromised in many ways.

We are indebted to our patrons for supporting us by their generous donations so that we can offer all our programs at very nominal costs so ordinary people can take benefit of this great ancient knowledge. It is only because of them we can maintain the quality of our programs. It is their trust and financial support that gives us the courage to take up important projects like Matru Mandir, SATVIK Seva Kitchen or Peace Home for our community, even when we know that while these projects will add a great value to our community they will not be profitable ventures.

Serving the community is our mission.

Our Dedicated Patrons

Avani & Pramod Deshpande
Dnyanesh Dharmadhikari
Harsida & Jivaraj Pipariya
Ishita Vyas
Janhavi Deshpande & Prashant Jawalikar
Milind Purandare
Nilopa Shah
Roopa & Nayan Shukhla
Sapna Falak
Sudhakar Babu Nalluri
Saneyee & Debjit Bhattacharjee
Sravana Reddibathini
Vaisali Viswanathan & Shravan Panyam
Valli & Gautham Panyam