Date(s) - Thu Sep 26, 2019 - Sun Sep 29, 2019

About AMC

Advanced Meditation Course (AMC – I and AMC – II) is a training in Nitya Samadhi (open eye Samadhi) – Opens Anahata (Heart) Chakra – Creates Natural Leaders

This weekend residential training, conducted in nature, aligns student with his/her external environment. The “Nitya Samadhi” – open eyed meditation training – brings out tremendous enthusiasm in students. A state of complete harmony with nature and people around is natural result of this training.

In this training participants are initiated into deep silence in a tranquil environment away from home and work in natural surroundings. The participants begin to experience deep silence with the eyes open. Participants experience a new level of freedom. Aspirations that were thought as impossible become possible.


AMC-I – Must have completed the Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) training
AMC-II – Must have attended at least one AMC-I

Course Details


  • Thursday 12:00pm – Program Start
  • Saturday 4:00pm – Program End


Chicago, IL


$300 per person.
$250 for students / seniors
$500 per couple
$200 per teacher


Pramod Deshpande – / (847) 791-4984