What is Leadership?

Leadership is not about leading others. It is being free within oneself so that you are not feeling compelled or pushed to do things.

In the current state that we have come to understand as “normal”, we are always pushed around from within by either desires or fears. We helplessly run after desires or helplessly run away from fears. We are not free to just be as we are and enjoy the moment. When we are being pulled and pushed like this, how can we lead? In this state, we are merely “followers” who have no power to decide anything.

True leadership only arises from internal freedom. It does not arise from circumstances or from the number of people we lead. In fact, leadership has nothing at all to do with others. A leader is a leader by virtue of his or her own being. A leader remains a leader regardless of whether there are zero or a million people following, because the source of their leadership is their own internal freedom, one that cannot be granted or revoked from outside.

Leadership is Not About Effectively Achieving Goals

Leadership is not defined by expertise at moving masses by using good oration. It is not defined by implementing carrot-and-stick policies to motivate employees towards a goal. It is also not defined by victory or loss.

Leadership is defined by being full within and being committed to offer the best that you can. Giving your best comes from being inspired, something entirely motivated from within.

Leadership is the Expression of Love

But why does a leader offer their best? What is the motivating factor? For example, a loving mother does not give up on nurturing a child because the results have not been as expected. Nor would the same mother think of giving her best only when offered incentives. She remains committed despite the child’s mistakes or her own difficulties. Her commitment comes from love.

A leader cares to offer their best because of the love they have for those around them. This love forms a very strong bond amongst those around the leader, and the others naturally feel inspired to offer their best. This is called “Inspirational Leadership”.

How Many Leaders Can There Be?

By traditional definitions, there can only be one leader and many followers because leadership has been defined by power and position. But based on the understanding of inspirational leadership, each and every person can be loving and inspired to give their best.

That inspired person who begins to offer their best is also a leader. In this manner, everyone can be a leader! A leader society is one in which each person comes from fullness and offers their best out of love.

Developing Leadership Starts from Self Development

So the question arises, “how can I be a leader?” Leadership is not something that can be mass produced by a system. We do not become leaders by implementing the 7 habits of successful people or subscribing to an ideology.

We awaken the leadership within us by growing in consciousness and opening our heart. The Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) Sadhana Program is a systematic leadership program, discovered and developed by Poojya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar, that educates, trains, and supports each person to live as an inspired and loving individual.

Leadership is not just a gift available to a select few but a natural expression stemming from the love and freedom within each and every one of us.

Upcoming Leadership Training Programs

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