What is Rishi S’Cool?

Rishi S’Cool is a nonprofit and nonreligious sunday school that develops your child’s health, enthusiasm, creativity, internal & external connectivity, leadership, and love. Essentially, it brings out the inner “Rishi” in each child. A Rishi is an enlightened master who lives a life of complete freedom, a person whose intelligence is directed by his abundant love and childlike enthusiasm.

All children have the potential to live life as a great person, and Rishi S’Cool is designed to nurture that potential.

How does Rishi S’Cool work?

Rishi S’Cool is a complete Five-level Development for each child based on the ancient science of Yoga.

Physical Development – developing a strong, agile, and healthy body
Emotional Development – developing freedom of emotional expression
Intellectual Development – developing each child’s natural intelligence
Social Development – developing each child’s ability to connect with and understand others
Spiritual Development – nurturing each child’s natural spirit of joy, enthusiasm, leadership, and love

Training Involves

  • Yoga postures, meditation, pranayama (breathing)
  • Games, music, dance, painting
  • Interactive group games, storytelling, discussions
  • Indoor / outdoor activities
  • And much more

All of it is conducted in an open and joyous environment where children are free to play and express themselves.

New class beginning soon

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Every Sunday

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Vishakha Purandare