What is Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY)?

Each of us is born with a tremendous potential within us. Those who discover and apply this power live an extraordinary life and help to make the lives of those around them equally extraordinary.

The purpose of Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) is to introduce you to this power within you and give you the knowledge, techniques, and long term support to harness and apply it. Tapping this power within you, you can experience a life of unbounded freedom, joy, love, richness, beauty, and blossom into a moving force in the world.

SSY is a systematic and scientific process based on timeless yogic principles, easily applied in modern life.

Culture, Not a Course

SSY is a culture, not a course. A course is something that you attend for some time and gain some skills as a result. A culture is something that you immerse yourself in and imbibe into your very instincts. The purpose of SSY is for you to be instinctively free and joyful, rather than depending on the right circumstances for your joy.

Meaning of “Siddha Samadhi Yoga”

“Siddha” means established or proven. This knowledge is a proven and established tradition.

“Samadhi” means equanimous state of intellect. It is a state in which the intellect ceases to discriminate or judge, undisturbed by what is going on outside or inside. It is, simply put, doing nothing. The basis of the whole training is Samadhi. When you cease all effort, you begin to reconnect with your true nature of being completely free. As a result, you feel fresh, relaxed, and joyous for no reason, just like a little child.

“Yoga” means union with one’s higher self.

SSY Consists of Three Phases

Phase 1 – Siddha Samadhi Yoga Level 1 (SSY-I)

Through SSY-I, you discover what life is about and how you can create a joyful life for yourself and those around you. You will also learn yogic techniques to maintain a healthy body and enjoy abundant energy.

Phase 2 – Siddha Samadhi Yoga Level 2 (SSY-II)

In the SSY-II, you analyze core principles of life and understand fundamental truths that make life effortless. You will undergo Brahmopadesam (initiation into Samadhi Meditation) under an SSY Initiator trained by Poojya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar.

Phase 3 – Committed Sadhana Program

The Committed Sadhana Program is designed to provide you with the long term support to establish in your inner silence, grow higher in consciousness, freedom, joy, and love.

  1. Weekly Sadhana Satsangs – By attending weekly Sadhana Satsangs with your Sadhana group, and under the guidance of a trained group leader, you will continually grow your understanding and build a strong bond with your fellow Sadhaks.
  2. Advance Meditation Course (AMC) – By taking a break every three months to attend AMC, you get established in your inner silence and develop tremendous love for others. As a result, you blossom into a natural leader who inspires greatness in those around you.

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