Local Teachers

  • Vishakha Purandare

    Vishakha ma’s positive, energetic, smiling and warm personality emits her inner strength. Under her efficient leadership, the dynamic team of young and enthusiastic teachers / organizers of SSY USA runs many training programs and projects in USA.

    Role: Founder and Parent Teacher

    EMAIL: vishakhama@liyausa.org

  • Vijay Trivedi

    Blessed by Guruji Sri Rishi Prabhakar, I Vijay Mahendra Trivedi (Markendya) completed my Siddha Samadhi Yoga Training in June 1994. The Divine experience inspired me completing AMC, BST,TTC (Pune with Vinayakji) and retreat teacher/ initiator by 1996. I got opportunity training several batches including initiations and retreat @ Ahmedabad till 1998. My life was filled with joy and ecstasy training the seekers of the knowledge. I realized this is the brahma Vidya (knowledge n wisdom of self) which can be effortlessly acquired by seekers and I am the blessed one who should continue sharing it to seekers.

    Role: SSY Teacher, Initiator, and Retreat Guru

    Phone: (201) 892-5235

    Email: vijayji@liyausa.org

  • Shravan Panyam

    Shravan is a dynamic young teacher who is passionate about education and is committed to creating an education system that trains not only the ability, but also the spirit, of every student.

    Role: Secretary, SSY Teacher, Matru Mandir Coordinator, Web Developer

    Phone: (949) 328-6647

    EMAIL: shravan@liyausa.org

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