We are very happy to let you know that we are starting our “Yog  Basic” training from November 9’ 2017. This class will be held on every Thursday 8 to 9 AM; specially convenient for working women.

The whole program will go on for 9 weeks, one session every week. It will cover:
1. Relaxing body stretches.
2. Energizing breathing technique.
3. Healing Aasanas.
4. Calming guided meditation.

This scientifically designed program which takes care of most women’s pain / challenge areas is priced for $80 per person for all 8 sessions. But as an introductory offer, we are offering $30 discount only for the first batch. So if you join this batch you will need to pay only $50 for the whole program.

For joining / more details please contact: Vaidehi at vaidehi@liyausa.org /  (949) 413 6688.

Special instructions:
1. Please come to the class with empty stomach.
2. You must wear comfortable loose clothes which will allow your body to stretch, bend without putting any pressure.
3. You must bring your Yoga Mat and a beach towel.