Developing Natural Leadership

Advanced Meditation Course (AMC – I and AMC – II) is a training in Nitya Samadhi (open eye Samadhi) – Opens Anahata (Heart) Chakra – Creates Natural Leaders

This week end residential training, conducted in nature, aligns student with his/her external environment. The “Nitya Samadhi” – open eyed meditation training – brings out tremendous enthusiasm in students. A state of complete harmony with nature and people around is natural result of this training.

In this training participants are initiated into deep silence in a tranquil environment away from home and work in natural surroundings. The participants begin to experience deep silence with the eyes open. Participants experience a new level of freedom. Aspirations that were thought as impossible become possible.

Effects of AMC

Life starts looking like an adventure again,
Energies starts flowing with all blockages gone.
Trust in life is restored.

AMC is recommended by Guruji for everyone at least one in 3 months to remain a vibrant being full of enthusiasm.

For people suffering from chronic patients, an AMC retreat once in two months is extremely beneficial.


AMC-I – Must have completed the Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) training
AMC-II – Must have attended at least one AMC-I

Course Details


  • Thursday 7:00pm – Program Start
  • Sunday 5:00pm – Program End



  • $300 per person
  • $500 per couple
  • $250 for students & seniors
  • $200 for teachers


  • $100 per person
  • $150 per couple
  • $75 for students & seniors
  • $75 for teachers

Retreat expenses for AMP-III are shared by all participants.

Upcoming AMCs

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Contact Information

Southern California

Vishakha Purandare

Northern California

Shravan Panyam

Chicago, IL

Pramod Deshpande

Raleigh, NC

Sudhakar Nalluri