Dear divine self,

As a true celebration of Guru Poornima this year, we are offering the highest consiousness training gifted by Poojya Guruji to the world.
This year we are conducting the Bhava Samadhi Training (BST) – 1 in Southern California, USA.

We are very happy to invite our beloved teacher Shri Raju Bharatiji from Canada to specially conduct this training.
Rajuji has been with Poojya Guruji from the time BST was conceptualized. He is visiting our Southern California Peace Home after conducting an AMC in Chicago.

We are arranging the BST on weekend of July 23rd. We will start on evening of Thursday July 21st and finish on afternoon of Sunday July 24th.
The exact location will be confirmed in couple of days.

Those of you who have already gone through the JLP & SSY programs and attended at least one AMC can attend this program.
In addition you will need to write a homeplay and submit at the time of joining. Here is the details on BST Homeplay

About BST

BST is about attaining the ability to experience the Bhavas (emotions).
It dramatically changes your outlook and empowers you in just 4 days.
Suppression of emotions leads to stress and a general low level of joy in life.
Having full freedom to express and experience emotions makes one feel very light.
By carrying a burden of past one cannot live joyous life.

BST-1 is dedicated to TRUTH.

As Poojya Guruji says “Truth automatically silences you and then nothing bothers you”
BST allows you to discover the power of truth.It is the “vow of truth” (the Satya Narayana Vrata)
By taking this training you will very easily be able to forgive self and others, be free from past bondages (karma bandanas).
As one gains the courage and motivation to live in truth, bliss descends and purifies the body, mind and intellect instantly, seeing divinity in everything.
Thousands of people including me who have taken this training have received whatever they were seeking in their lives.
This program has brought miracles in our lives.

Dates and Times

Thursday, July 21, 7pm to Sunday, July 24, 5pm
Location: Southern California. Exact address will be sent to participants.

It is my personal appeal to you to grab this opportunity and jump in immediately. I have personally waited for 10 years to arrange a BST in the USA. And trust me having Rajuji to come here and offer us this training happened only on special blessings of Poojya Guruji.

All your questions are welcome.

In gratitude,