Consciousness Trainings

Out of Poojya Guruji’s intense Sadhana of years together, have come some extraordinary trainings to unlock the potential and divinity within every human being.

As an organization, we pride ourselves to be able to offer such a vast variety of trainings that encompass the development of all the dimensions of a human being an his life in society which leads to holistic growth of a person and the world.

These consciousness trainings lead to enhancement of a vast variety of qualities of the human spirit like non-reactive stillness, unselfish love, spirit of togetherness, ecstasy, creativity, truthfulness, emotional expressiveness , simplicity, surrenderfulness, effortlessness in life and the like.

Bhav Samadhi Training (BST-1)

BST is about attaining the ability to experience the bhavas (emotions). Suppression of emotions leads to stress and a general low level of joy in life. Having full freedom to express and experience emotions makes one feel very light. After undergoing BST, one feels as light as a hovercraft, flying in the skies. BST1 is a program dedicated to TRUTH. Through BST1, one discovers the power of living in truth.

This is a very powerful program that dramatically changes one’s power and outlook in just four days.

Only mentally stable people should undergo this program, which follows the preliminary programs. The program is satya narayan vrat (the vow of truth). It is a path towards self-realisation, as practised by Gandhiji. It gave him the power to send back the exploitative British from India and other parts of the world through non-violence — an incredibly unthinkable feat by mortals. He achieved divine powers through this practice.

Forgiveness happens very easily, leading to karma-vimochana (freedom from past karmas) in an instant, just as it is stated in the stories of sathya narayan vrat. The whole story becomes real and experiential.

As one gains the courage and motivation to live in TRUTH, bliss descends like Ganga from heaven and purifies one’s body, mind and intellect to actually enable one to see God in everything. Many people seeking blessings for very difficult accomplishments like begetting children, getting an exciting job, having a lucrative business, success in research, finding a soul mate etc., have seen their desires getting effortlessly fulfilled after doing this program. This program is like the Kam dhenu or the wish fulfilling cow.

It is recommended that one repeat BST1 once a year for clearing the accumulated karmas on a regular basis.

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Bhav Samadhi Training (BST-2)

Bhav Samadhi Training 2 is a 4-days residential program offered to those SSY meditators who have undergone BST1 and have realized the immense power of living in Truth. Bhav Samadhi Training 2 (BST2) is a training in dharma. It is a training designed to realize that every truth has an equally valid opposite truth.

It is a program of realization of godliness in others through the medium of dharma. Here dharma is not limited to religion but encompasses one’s duties and obligations towards each other and the society. It offers a great amount of introspection and challenges the conviction ‘I am right and others are wrong’, which is what we call as self-righteousness.

It releases one from all the bitterness one might be carrying towards anybody in this world. It blows your spirited action borne from for self-righteous truth to pieces. Truth without love has hidden untruth.

Here, you realize your responsibilities in a deeper and truer sense. No one can disturb the peace of mind and the universal love of someone who has imbibed the teachings of BST2. The program brings about betterment in relationships; many families going through difficulties in relationships have successfully come together after undergoing BST2.

Bhav Samadhi Training (BST-3)

This program is an initiation into the powerful community way of living. This is generally done for a group of about 60 participants.

This group should comprise those interested to work together for a common cause that will uplift humanity.

They should be willing to put their energies together (and possibly live together in our existing and upcoming ashrams) and change the course of their life, with great enthusiasm, and be willing to upgrade their priorities.

They need not retire their present activities but should hand them over to other youngsters with some initial supervision so they can devote themselves to a higher, more absorbing and effective way of living in the midst of tremendous collective energies. This kind of living has more love and prosperity, and, here, dreams come true.

Home play for BST3:

  • Read the article – “How Enlightened we are?”
  • Read the story “Vashistha vs Vishwamitra rivalry“.
  • Sit with another 4 people who wants to attend BST3 and write about a common vision about the way of life that you would all love to live like.
  • Are you prepared to eventually  handover what you are  doing to juniors and jump to live by a common vision. This may be 1000 times more productive in terms of LOVE, PROSPERITY, ADVENTURE than your present. Do you have permission to jump to this new life? If not, the same is required.
  • Have you made yourself free to attend to what is most important for global harmony and prosperity?
  • Write down all the things where your integrity was not complete or is not complete and this causes an inner conflict and so develops into outer conflicts.
  • Prepare your family for participating in collective living with the highest priority for children and welfare of older people.
  • Have you completed BST1? This is a must to do BST3.
  • Write about “What is Enjoying Life?” and “What is making life meaningful?”. Should be about 400 words. Read Lin Yutang’s book “Importance of Living” to understand the difference.
  • Read article Thoughts on Teacher trainings particularly for NA by Poojya Guruji


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