Jai Gurudev 🙏🏼
Congratulations to you for completing 15 years of serving through Siddha Samadhi Yog (SSY) USA center. It’s a great joy to review our journey so far.
We started our classes in Irvine, CA in July 2004.
The US center was formally inaugurated by the then Mayor Ms. Beth Krom in presence of Poojya Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji and our beloved Yoga Guru Shri. Soneji on August 18th’ 2006 in Irvine, CA.
In last 15 years we as a team have kept our focus on bringing all the important programs created by Poojya Guruji which are running in India.
As our team started becoming stronger with some wonderful sadhaks dedicating themselves for serving the community, we started expanding our reach to offering these programs in other states in the US.
We are very happy to offer the LiYA programs from Southern and Northern California, Chicago, Raleigh (North Carolina), Boston. Recently we added the New Jersey center to our list.
It’s our great honor that through these centers we are regularly offering following programs –
Joyful Living with Sadhana Saptaha Yatra (SSY-I);
Science of Silence with Siddha Samadhi Yog (SSY-II);
Advance Meditation Course (AMC);
Bhava Samadhi Training (BST);
Joyful Parenting with Infant Siddha Program (ISP).
In addition to the above we regularly conduct the Children’s SSY in various formats and offer small workshops for creating a happy community. We are very happy to offer some of these programs even online.
In addition we offer free online Weekly Sadhana Satsang to support our members spread all over the US. With these free online sessions, they get to listen to Poojya Guruji’s audio and video talks and stay in touch with the teachers in the US and from other centers including India. This SSY community support helps them to refresh their personal sadhana and grow in the SSY culture. Many sadhaks who have taken SSY class 10/20 years back and moved to US for professional reasons, had lost touch with their Sadhana Practice. But with this support they have come back into the practice and feel connected with their SSY family.
In 2005 with the help of some of our teachers in India, we started a program called Community Leadership Program (CLP). The focus of this program was to train dedicated volunteers in the community who will serve the local community in their own areas of expertise. We are very happy to share that this program has developed many wonderful Sevaks who are now coming forward to becoming facilitators of various SSY programs and activities in their own locations.
For last 2 years we have been focusing on training these community leaders in becoming the well trained “SSY – Phase-I Facilitators”.
It is our great joy to share with you that this year we will be offering our first “Teachers Training Program” in the US for these wonderful people.
With this TTC program in US, Poojya Guruji’s dream for SSY USA becoming a reality. It was his vision that we will have many young enthusiastic people serving the society and spreading the knowledge of joyous living in all parts of the world. I personally feel indebted to all these wonderful souls for offering their life in raising the spiritual consciousness in society.
I offer my sincere gratitude to all our sadhak members, teachers, organizers and our patron members who have shown their faith in us and supported us unconditionally in all possible ways.

Friends, in this joyous journey we got connected with many other socially committed individuals and organizations. Recently we collaborate with the Autism Ashram of America’s.
As a token of our appreciation for their efforts, we have decided to celebrate our 15th Annual Day (August 18th’ 2019) by donating some plants to their newly built Ashram in Tracy, CA. We welcome you can participate in this activity by donating a plant.

We have some wonderful programs coming up for you.
Please check the upcoming programs for August and September’ 2019 in our calender.

in Eternal Gratitude,