Do you want your child to excel in his/her studies?
Do you want your child to face his/her day with joy and vigor?
Do you want your child to communicate effectively with you and others?

All your child needs is training in creating harmony between the inner self and the external world.

We offer this training to your child in our Children’s Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) program. Children’s SSY is a unique program which brings out the leadership qualities of your child.

Children’s SSY Includes

Samadhi Meditation

An effective self exploratory technique which will make him peaceful. Meditation improves children’s memory and capacity to learn.


Breathing techniques for attaining healthier, more agile and active body. Pranayam improves children’s focus and concentration.

Healthy Food Habits

Making your child more aware about his habits and choices.

Universal Values of Life

Responsibility, discipline, service, team spirit, love, and gratitude for life. These are the divine values which every child is born with.

Essentially, Children’s SSY Helps Your Child Connect Better with the Outer World.

And all this is taught in a happy and joyous atmosphere by our well trained, experienced & enthusiastic teachers through stories, games and charts.

Give your child the complete physical, intellectual, emotional, social & spiritual development.

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