CLP is training for managers to improve effectiveness and efficiency in becoming visionary leaders. A manager is a leader of his team. He/she shoulders complete responsibility for the team. He/she is a teacher, friend and guide to his/her team just like a caring parent. At the same time, he/she is also accountable, answerable to management for increasing productivity and quality. In short he/she has to be an inspirational role model for his/her team.

A role of a manager is extremely rewarding but can be very stressful. He/she has to maintain a balance in physical, emotional & intellectual energy.

The Community Leadership Program is for those managers who have the spirit of leaders but are struggling to operate like one. It will transform individual as well as group dynamics of your organization and make it a temple of joyful production.

Program Structure

This is a group training comprising:

  1. 16 weeks intensive training
  2. Followed by 2.5 years continued growth program involving weekly sessions and quarterly (weekend) retreats

Upcoming Programs

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