The Role of Education

We believe that the purpose of education is to enhance six universal aspects that each person experiences in life. A complete education equips a person to continually grow in all of these aspects.

They are:

  1. Freedom – internal freedom to just be, without any pressure of inadequacy; and external freedom to explore and express oneself in the world
  2. Joy – bliss; to be happy for no reason, just like a child
  3. Love – unconditional love for every person whom you meet
  4. Wealth – experience of great abundance, creating wealth for all
  5. Beauty – to create beautiful things, gift them, and quit
  6. Power – to serve, to transform the lives of others into a paradise

A person who enjoys each of the above in abundance can be considered as having gained mastery in life. A complete education enables a person to enjoy more and more of this mastery!

Complete Education

Every person enters this life with two questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is this world around me?

Both of these questions can be explored indefinitely — there is always more to discover about oneself and the world. And the fact is, we all love to learn! A complete education equips a person to freely explore in both of these directions throughout life. It helps that person to grow in his or her potential constantly and develop a deeper understanding from every experience.

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Spirit and Matter

Education has two directions:

  1. Vidya – Education of Spirit (being very spirited in life); self knowledge
  2. Avidya – Education of Matter (the external world); worldly knowledge

Education today focuses only on the external world. There is now more scope than ever to explore, specialize, and master a vast range of interests. But in all of this, the exploration of self has been all but omitted.

Through our education, we learn how to solve complex mathematical problems or how to perform better as an athlete. But we do not learn how to be undisturbed within, how to be happy for no reason, or how to be loving towards everyone.

For example, there is a lot of lost productivity in the workplace today not due to lack of skill but due to lack of enthusiasm and love for the coworkers. Due to fear of failure, people are afraid to create what they are passionate about. If this enterprising spirit can be developed in each of us, we become independent, self-propelling forces. We can create work for others instead of being at the mercy of the job market.

So Education of Spirit and Matter must go hand in hand. In fact, a person who is very spirited in life can easily learn the worldly matters. When we are on the path of complete education, every day is an adventure where we grow in freedom, joy, love, wealth, beauty, and power!

Infusing Spirit Into Matter

Our vision is that every person in this world is enjoying complete education.

We have created many projects in the field of education, ranging from parenting and infant programs to youth programs designed for students. Each program works by infusing spirit into our education at each stage in life.

Participants experience great joy during the programs and are trained to approach every aspect of life with enthusiasm thereafter. You can find out the full details of each program below. We invite you to make use of these programs and start enjoying complete education in your life!

If you are similarly inspired and wish to contribute towards the running or establishment of such projects, please get in touch with us.

Programs in Education

  1. Joyful Parenting
  2. Matru Mandir
  3. Rishi S’Cool
  4. Rishi Adventure Camp
  5. Children’s SSY

Upcoming Programs

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