Dear divine parents,
It gives me a great joy to bring another wonderful educating session to you in our “Advance Parent’s Satsang”.
It is only because of your active participation and lovely support that our team SSY USA can bring so many wonderful guests in these Bi-Weekly Continuous Educational Program for our parents in the North America.
Please join us tomorrow, Saturday, March 20th at 9-30 am Pacific (10 pm India)

Topic for this week: “Myths and Truths about Human Sexuality”

The speaker this week is none other than Ms. Niyatii Shah, from Mumbai.

Niyatii, an ISP mom and a renowned Sexuality Educator, counsellor, author and Intimacy Coach believes in
EDUCATING children and adults on sex education so they know themselves,
EMPOWERING them so they can take informed decisions and
ERADICATING the hesitation and taboo around SEXUALITY !!!

This is an Online Event. To join please use the following
Meeting ID: 843 4919 6938
Passcode: 575007
About Advanced Parent Satsang
The “Advance Parents’ Satsang” is a Bi-Monthly, Free Continuous education Program for ISP Parents in North America.
Offered on *1st and 3rd Saturday of every month between 9.30 & 11 am pacific time zone (10 to 11.30 pm India time).
Conducted in a Satsang format, we host many important personalities from the area of education, child development, language experts, puppetry, dramatics, art and many more fields to share their experiences & knowledge. Their wisdom will surely help you to expand your vision and sharpen your parenting skills. It will help you discover and nurture the special natural gifts in your children, so they reach out to their greatest potential.
Together we will expand our children’s world into the magical world they hold in their little eyes.

Importance of Sex Education

Parents often ask me this one question.
“Niyatii, is it so important to talk to our kids about sex education?” Didn’t we all survive it?
Now think for a moment and ask yourself, would it have been better if –

  • You knew why you get period? What exactly is going on in your body?
  • You knew about penis and vulva like any other body part. Maybe your first night wouldn’t have been so terrifying.
  • You knew that you didn’t pee on that horrible night, but it was semen that was ejaculated while you were sleeping? And it is very natural.
  • You knew that you didn’t need to have a 6inch penis to satisfy your woman?
  • You knew why you went through all those emotional states while you were a teenager?
  • You knew that wearing double condoms carry higher risk of pregnancy that wearing one?
  • You knew that your relative was sexually abusing you?
  • You knew whether masturbation is ok or not?
  • You knew how to handle that boy when he teased you for the stain on your skirt?
  • You knew how to say NO to that person who was forcing him/herself on you?
  • You knew how to take care of your broken heart?
  • You knew how to decide whether to have sex or not when your body was aching to have sex in your teenage?
  • You knew that the bra does not determine the shape of the breast?
  • You knew that you should wear boxers and not tight underwear for better sperm count?
  • You knew how to handle your friend when s/he was showing you porn?
  • You knew porn was not good for you?

My Dear Parents,
Sexuality Education is far more wider and deeper subject than just SEX! We learn languages by speaking, still we send our kids to language class. We learn Math by daily transactions, but we go to school to learn it. Just like that Sex Education is about learning what your body is made of and what’s happening with you at different stages of life.
Most of us have survived, YES! But MOST of us have always silently wished we knew more.
Sexuality Education is about

  • Knowing the male and female reproductive system
  • Knowing how the reproductive systems work.
  • To know about sex, so we are not grossed out and have a beautiful relationships.
  • To know about what we like and what we don’t.
  • To know our rights and to know that we can SAY NO.
  • To learn HOW TO SAY NO.
  • To know about contraceptives. Most young ones feel iPill is the best solution while it is not a contraceptive at all.
  • To know about the responsibility in a sexual relationship.
  • To know about the hygiene of our genital area.
    Sex Education is much much more than just a mere physical activity.