Namaste uncles, aunties, grandmas, grandpas, dadas & didis,
Tomorrow Lord Ganapati is coming to stay with us at the Matru Mandir for 10 days. Today Lata aunty came to our school and showed us how to make colorful Murthies of Ganapati. She made one Ganapati murthy for each one of us.
Tomorrow evening at 6 pm we will receive Ganapati Bappa in procession and then do Pooja and Aarti for him.
Vishakha Ajji told us today that Ganapati Bappa is the GOD of knowledge and so all people who wish to gain knowledge pray to him. He also brings joy and happiness by removing bad things from our life. But most importantly we all are happy because we will get to eat Modaks and other lovely foods along with Bappa.
The program will start at 5-30 pm tomorrow evening with all of us bringing Bappa to Matru Mandir. Then Rahul uncle will do Pooja and establish the Bappa. After this we will all do Aarti and then we all will eat dinner Prasad and go home.
Please come to Matru Mandir at 5-30 pm tomorrow and join us in this fun. We can also invite other babies of your friends so they can participate in this fun.
Lovingly yours,
Neel, Atharva, Atharva, Anushka, Arin, Mugdha & Kanav.