What is Health?

When you experience effortlessness in living the life you care to live, you are healthy. This effortlessness is to be experienced on five levels — physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual.

Physical Health

Unless we are growing in consciousness, we only realize the importance of health when it is NOT there. For example, we only come to know the importance of a healthy muscle when it becomes sore or damaged, and we become unable to do our day to day tasks.

Today our lives have also become so externally focused that we do not even realize that we are having a particular difficulty in the body. We are so involved in sending that email, completing that task, pleasing that person, or watching that movie that we don’t even see that we have been sitting in a bad posture and weakening our back. When we pull that muscle and get told by the doctor that we need to improve our posture, only THEN do we come to know.

Emotional Health

We understand physical effortlessness. But no matter how fit our body is, when our emotions are disturbed, even the smallest task feels like a drag. We do not FEEL healthy! On the other hand, a positive emotional state can allow us to experience physical effortlessness even in the presence of pain. Picture a grandmother thoroughly enjoying time with her grandchildren despite any physical pains. Emotional effortlessness controls the effortlessness experienced at the physical level. Emotional effortlessness is also about how free we are to express our emotions and how we are able to constructively respond to negative emotions.

Intellectual Health

Our emotions arise from our intellect, whose role is to discriminate, analyze, and judge. When we judge something as positive, our emotions in the presence of that thing (or person) are positive. When we judge something as negative, we feel upset instead. But merely judging something positively does not equal health. Just as strongly as we feel good in the presence of that thing, we feel miserable in its absence. Our emotional state is in a constant state of fluctuation as we become a slave to that thing. We are thoroughly compelled to go after things or to get away. Strong likes or strong dislikes — in both situations, we are not free.

Freedom is only in the state of Samadhi – equanimous intellect. When we are able to be undisturbed–not craving, not hating–and just be OK right now, we experience immense freedom. With this freedom comes joy, energy, and health. It is like a muscle knot that we didn’t realize we had just gets released, and we experience freedom that we didn’t know was available to us. We no longer HAVE to run after or away from things which have been binding us. We are free to explore, to learn, and to play just like a child.

Social Health

Social health or effortlessness is being able to connect freely with anyone and everyone at the level of the soul. This comes from nothing but pure love, which is beyond boundaries and judgments. We carry many identities (race, religion, sex, country, economic status, physical abilities, etc.), and each identity has a boundary of what is and isn’t “mine”. Those whom we deem within the boundary are easy for us to get along with, while we find ourselves unable to connect with anyone whom we judge to be outside those boundaries.

Pure love arises from dropping all of these identities and going back to our true nature of being “nobody” (free of identities). A Nobody is free to be with anybody, and social effortlessness is only in the experience of a Nobody.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is to simply live each moment in high spirit. Everything starts from here. When we are free, enthusiastic, joyful, and playful, life is fantastic. As we practice going into our own inner silence and being undisturbed by what is going on inside or outside, we grow in your ability to be joyous for no reason. With spiritual health, life is an adventure. Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Social health come to you automatically the more joyous and free you are.

Siddha Samadhi Yoga — The Path of Complete Health

Once we understand what is health, we can observe and realize what is our own present level of health and where we are having challenges. At each level, we experience challenges brought on by various impurities (impure food, impure emotions, impure understandings, etc.).

To restore health and effortlessness on all levels, we must cleanse each level and return it to its natural free state. This is done through a process known as Pancha Kosha Shuddhi, or 5-level cleansing as detailed in the Yogashastras of Patanjali (ancient scriptures that expound on Yoga and its role in our lives).

Poojya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar ji has studied this science and designed a systematic and scientific program to apply it in our modern lives — Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) Sadhana Program. Over the years, thousands have been able to experience a paradigm shift in their lives by applying the knowledge of SSY and being in committed Sadhana.

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