Body parts/functions
Human beings
Carnivores animals
Length of intestine
6 times length of the body
3 times length of the body
Teeth designed for
Molars for Grinding
Canines for Biting
Jaw movement
Vertical & Horizontal
Only Vertical
Present in saliva for digestion of carbohydrates
Absent in saliva
pH level of stomach
Slightly acidic
Highly acidic for digestion of Protein
 Human beings cannot digest meet easily. Undigested meat will remain in intestine for log & putrefy creating toxicity in body.
  Digestion of Crabs – 65% of food is digested in the mouth. Chewing and mixing saliva in food with only digest carbohydrates. Cooked food does not need chewing. Undigested Carbs create excess of calories.
  Excess Meat eating will create excessive acidity in stomach eating the intestinal lining causing ulcers.