A Temple of Education with Motherly Care

“Matru Mandir” is an infant learning center based on 3 Vedantic Principles:

  2. “TAT TWAMASI” – I AM IN YOU (I and YOU are the same)

It is a home-based, informal Pre-school which will develop your baby’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social & spiritual aspects and tenderly prepare your baby for the formal schooling.

The specially maintained informal, homely atmosphere makes it easy for your baby to transition from the safe home to the unfamiliar school atmosphere.


Age group: 18 months (1&1/2 year) to 60 months (5 year)


Monday to Friday 10 am to 1 pm
We also offer day care from 8.30 am to 5-30 pm for the Matru Mandir babies.

Daily Activities Include

  1. Physical: Indoor/outdoor Games, body strengthening exercises, yoga;
  2. Intellectual: Multiple Languages, mathematical skills, know your world through encyclopedia bits, story reading and storytelling, mantra chanting for memory development;
  3. Social/Emotional: Preparing & sharing food, learning about various cultures through music, dance and other forms of arts, learning to care for younger babies and learning to respect and love elders;
  4. Spiritual: Dynamic Meditation through music, dance, silence training and all religious prayers.

Natural Changes Experienced by “Matru Mandir” Parents in Their Child

  1. Physical – Better physical balance, lot more active, better immunity, increased stamina, eating healthy food independently, Potty trained .
  2. Intellectual – Can speak & communicate better, sings prayers, recognizes words, numbers, concepts, loves reading.
  3. Social / Emotional – Is very happy, plays & shares with other kids, not afraid of new people, builds loving bond with everyone around, loves & eats food independently; loves to come to school and looks forward to coming to “Matru Mandir” every day.
  4. Spiritual – Becoming bold in exploring, become more introspective, develop love for learning, increased capacity in sharing, caring and being in joy for no specific reason, sings, dances and express freely.

Upcoming Events

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For inquiries and admissions, contact Vishakha Purandare at vishakhama@liyausa.org / 949 705 6670

For updates, testimonials and other information, check us on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/MatruMandirUSA