Dear friends,
Welcome to the ”Online Yog Basic” Program starting from this Friday, January 15th ,2021.
The “Online Yog Basic” is a scientifically designed and systematically conducted training by professionally trained teachers of Life Yessence Academy (LiYA) USA.
To manage health or challenging situations in life you don’t need any external effort. All you need is aligning your energy for creating a Self- Disciplined lifestyle.
Positive Thought Pattern, Heightened  Immunity and Conscious Connectivity with Self and our External  Environment; are the key factors of this Self-Disciplined lifestyle.
The Life Yessence Academy (LiYA) USA brings a unique Online Yoga program which is designed to suit your own body and energy.
The ”Online Yog Basic “ program is offered in 10 sessions of 1.5 hour each, spread over 10 weeks.
It includes-
Relaxing Yoga stretches and Asanas,
Energizing Rajayoga Pranayam,
Mantra Chanting for deepening the focus of mind,
& Guided meditation for calming the mind.

With personalized guidance, detailed instructions for practice at home, in 10 weeks participants are able to see remarkable difference in their body. They can then confidently practice at home.

The new batch is starting from tomorrow- Friday, April 30th.
At time is 6 am to 7-30 am PST.

Duration: 10 sessions of 90 minutes of each spread over 10 weeks.
Fees: $150 per person / $250 for couples / $125 if you have taken any class with us before.
( If you have taken any other programs with us, you join by offering $100 as a donation.)

1. Please fill up the online registration form –