Home is a very special place in our heart. All our efforts come to halt when we reach home. Within the space of home we feel safe and free. There is no pretense needed. We can be who we really are.

People in the home are our own loved ones. They accept us for who we are. They love us unconditionally and support us in everything. It is their unconditional love that makes us feel safe in the home.

In home we feel happy for no reason. Just being the way we want to be, makes us happy.
In chirping of little kids, in laughter of loved ones and crowds of loved ones around we find our peace.

Peace is where words are not needed; peace is where we feel at home. Every home can be a Peace Home, and any community that has a Peace Home automatically becomes safe, loving, happy, and prosperous.

Let us open the walls of your home and my home. Let us join hearts and build homes for the new world. Let us come together to build an enlightened world.

Come to experience this love, joy & peace in our first ever ”Peace Home” in USA established in the Southern California city of Tustin in 2010. This is a home for you, me & everyone.

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