Exploration is the Spirit of Life

Each child is a potential Rishi / an enlightened leader who, once established in inner freedom and joy, can create a beautiful world around him/her.

In modern world a Rishi is the person who is courageous to live life to the fullest, adventurous to exploring truths of life and leads the world into greater possibilities.

Gurukulam Way of Life 2

Gurukulam Way of Life

In the “Rishi Adventure Camp”, each child is initiated into “Gurukulam Way of Life”.

This exciting three day residential camp includes:

All aspects of Ashtanga Yoga which is essential for building internal self discipline, empowering your child to create this higher life

  1. Yama (external code of conduct to connect with world responsibly)
  2. Niyama (internal code of conduct to live a happy life)
  3. Asana (posture for controlled and flexible body)
  4. Pranayama (yogic breathing to increase energy)
  5. Pratyahara (mastery of senses)
  6. Dhyana (focusing on intention of creating extraordinary life for everyone)
  7. Dharana (vision for higher quality of life)
  8. Samadhi (undisturbed state of being, developing intuition, creativity, and divine potential)

Children in Sadhana

In addition to the above, there are:

  1. AUM’kar Sadhana for Chakra energization;
  2. Sun Salutations for physical power building;
  3. Gayatri Mantra Upasana for expansion of intellect;
  4. Debates and Discussions for building deeper understanding of higher perspective of what life is about;
  5. Adventure and Exploration for building leadership spirit;
  6. Group Games, Activities, and Fun Processes for developing spirit of inclusion through love for all.

Staying together in natural environment, away from city life & family, under the loving guidance of trained teachers, children connect with self as well as the world with a whole new perspective of life.

Children Enjoying Raghi

Logistics and Details

Open to all children and is specially designed for children between 7 and 12 years.

Upcoming Camps

July 10th to 14th’ 2019 at Tracy, California

General Inquiries:

rishiscool@liyausa.org / vishakhama@liyausa.org
949-705-6670 / 949-689-9738