Did you know…

Eating & cooking can be a meditative experience

Food can bind people together

Food can give you positive or negative energy


The quality of food depends not only on the ingredients but also on the consciousness with which it is prepared.

Food offered with expectation of money has Tamas (greed, anger) built in it.
But food offered as seva (humble service) naturally becomes SATVIK.

SATVIK Food Brings Out the Best Within

“SATVIK” Food served & consumed does not just bring contentment to the body but it feeds the soul.

Traditionally in the ancient Vedic culture selling and buying food was consideredas a sin. Food was only offered and received as a Prasad – GOD’s gift. Hence it balanced energy & supported the physical, emotional,intellectual, social and spiritual health of every living being in society! It naturally created healthy & wealthy societies.
“SATVIK SEVA KITCHEN” brings this tradition back. Here the foodis prepared with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts & all positiveenergy (PRANIC) ingredients. It is prepared in a happy joyful atmosphere and bysevaks (volunteers) who want to offer their love & joy through the food. At “SATVIK SEVA KITCHEN” you eat food in a happy atmospherewhile listening to spiritual music and in company of other joyful people.


Monday to Friday – Lunch: 12-30pm to 1-30pm & Dinner: 6pm to 7-30 pm.

Saturday & Sunday – Lunch: 10am to 12noon
You can become a joyful member / volunteer of “SATVIK SEVA KITCHEN”

Contact us on SATVIK@liyausa.org / 949 705 6670

There is enough food in the world.
When we share we create plenty-fullness, love and togetherness.
Let us together create fullness in our world.

For daily menu, membership, pricing, and other details, check our blogger at http://satviksevakitchen.blogspot.com