Dear Matru Mandir Parents,
We are very thankful to you for being wonderful Matru mandir parents. As a thank you gift we wish to bring something very special for you. Because we know you are doing a great service to humanity by bringing up a wonderful child.
We are aware that creating happy, confident, loving and caring child needs lot more than safe and secured environment. It needs an emotionally matured, aware and childlike parent who can think & operate like a child but guide & direct as an aware adult. And to be such a parent we require a lot of physical and emotional energy as well as open & forgiving nature.
While parents have great intention of being such a parent our day to day life makes thing quite challenging and stressful. And in the process of juggling all roles they end up being unhappy, agitated and angry parent. A little fine tuning in our attitude and some simple tools like Pranayam, Meditation etc. will bring miraculous change in your life.
Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) is the training which will bring out that exploring child from within you while creating better clarity about healthy & joyous living. It will connect you with your self and with the world around you and bring effortlessness in everything you do. SSY brings out your true potential which will in turn help you bring out your child’s true potential. SSY creates happy families leading happy and healthy lives.
For supporting you in your parenting we are offering the SSY Introduction on this Sunday – October 16th at Matru Mandir during the Rishi S’Cool hours (9-30 to 11-30 am).
And as our special gift to you we will offer this class in convenient once a week sessions spread over 13 weeks on Wednesday 6-30 to 8-30 pm OR Saturday ( 4 to 6 pm) OR Sunday 9-30 to 11-30 am and at a special discounted price. Our usual cost of SSY training is $200 which includes registration and cost of material but as a Matru Mandir parent you will pay only registration cost i.e. $50. The complete program will be spread over 13 weeks which will include 12 session held weekly once (Sunday morning) and 1 whole day for Initiation.
We will discuss logistics and other details on introduction day.