Shri. S.J.Vijaya Keerthy is a 67 years young Mechnical Engineer from the University of Bangalore,India who served his country as a Technical officer in  DRDO(Defence research & Development organization)for 30 years. He specialized in the fields of Gas Turbine research & Food Engineering and has many patents to his name.

In 1995 Keerthyji came in touch with Poojya Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji.  The Siddha Samadhi Yog (SSY) program introduced him to some very ground truths of life. And this started his journey within.

With the blessings of Poojya Guruji Keerthyji became “Initiator “ in 2001. He spent many years with Poojya Guruji in person receiving his direct guidance. During this period Guruji blessed him to speak on “Absolute Education” which happens to be one of the well received talks by all SSY teachers and Sadhaks.
When asked about his spiritual journey he says “My only mantra is practice what you preach with total surrender and live with the moment, unperturbed by the end results. This is the secret for a happy ecstatic living, the very gift to the world by Poojya Guruji.”

Today Keerthyji is a parent teacher of Mysore division of RSVK with fourteen Acharyas including two initiators in his team.

LiYA USA is very fortunate to have dedicated SSY teachers and wonderful Shishyas of Poojya Guruji like Keerthyji, visiting us and giving the benefit of their guidance.