Shri Sanjay Thakker is one amongst the many leaders trained by
Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji.
Sanjayji came across Gurujis Wisdom in 1989 when he was just
a young student of Law and C.A. in Mumbai, India.
Sanjayji is one of the pioneers in spreading Gurujis knowledge
& wisdom in many towns and cities, spreading his message
both to the common man and the corporate world.
Managers and high level executives from foremost industries
and many senior public servants also benefited from his
workshops. He has developed various modules of the basic SSY
program & advanced modules of Leadership Training to enable
its application in the corporate world.
Personally Coaching the Owners & CEOS, through his
Leadership Programs helping them to overcome stress in the
corporate life and lead a balance personal life.
All his Programs are Conducted Purely on a Voluntary Basis, as
part of his Research on Living in Abundance through Mutual
Care & Share through Alignment of Resources and Energy.
He trusts that every Company & Institution is a Vital Link in Part
of Nations Economy; this in turn is an Important Link in Nation
More than mere Politics in today’s Modern age, Economics &
Market are very important determinants of International

Relations & a Healthy Professional Environment and is the Key
in defining Socio-Economic Relations in Society.
He feels that building a Corporate Culture with a professional
approach cannot be distanced with anything less than a Nation
Building Exercise, It is keeping this Spirit in his Heart he offers
all his Trainings & Programs purely on Voluntary basis.