Blessed by Guruji Sri Rishi Prabhakar, I Vijay Mahendra Trivedi (Markendya) completed my Siddha Samadhi Yoga Training in June 1994. The Divine experience inspired me completing AMC, BST,TTC (Pune with Vinayakji) and retreat teacher/ initiator by 1996. I got opportunity training several batches including initiations and retreat @ Ahmedabad till 1998. My life was filled with joy and ecstasy training the seekers of the knowledge. I realized this is the brahma Vidya (knowledge n wisdom of self) which can be effortlessly acquired by seekers and I am the blessed one who should continue sharing it to seekers.

SSY has infinite possibilities experiencing divinity, true leadership quality and become active contributor to the world. I moved to New Zealand in 1998. I trained several participants of all breed there till 2004. The experience of those who regularly practiced “Samadhi Dhyan” was astonishing n fulfilling inspiring me consistently training several seekers in Auckland, New Zealand! Regular retreats helped building group of meditators.

I moved to NJ, USA in 2004 got settled by 2007 and started weekly Yog Sadhna sessions teaching postures, Surya namaskar and Pranayama. The first SSY batch of the 19 participants we completed in 2009. We have been continuously doing SSY training and AMC retreats regularly. In April/May 2019 we completed full SSY course training/retreat of 33 participants. We have dedicated participants and volunteers who are instrumental in organizing the training/initiation and retreats. I am deeply touched n inspired to continue this wonderful journey of connecting the true self of seekers.

My Pranam to Guruji, my teachers and all the seekers who made this journey possible! I truly feel blessed acquiring and being instrumental in spreading this Brahma Vidya to all the seekers! I completed my Mechnical Engineeringin 1980 from L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, MBA from Gujarat University after that. I worked for Ingersoll Rand in India, NZ and USA for more than 17 years in sales of Compressed Air system. Now I am self-employed running my industrial business from 2008 in compressed air system.